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Mission Statement

For the Ben’s House Project

Create an organization to co-ordinate the adaption of existing homes and to design new homes to enable independent living for people with disabilities. This service may end up extending beyond the home into recreational and work spaces.

The organization will provide advice, co-ordinate trade services, provide products and components to assist the customer and fully install living assistance systems and the necessary controls.
The organization will establish a website to provide assistance to people seeking help in this area and to provide a link for associated services such as occupational therapists, architects, and the carers of people with disabilities.

The organization will have a building available to the public so they can view the various devices and controls, to provide workshop facilities to develop specialized components as well as laboratory facilities for the development of software and meeting rooms for the co-ordination of and development of services.

The organization will use the services of a full time manager, secretarial assistance and contract labour for the various skills required for installation and maintenance of systems, both voluntary and paid work in the development and manufacture of specialised equipment.

The organization will be overseen by a small board of directors who will be responsible for the administration of resources and the procurement of funds and resources relating to the operation of the organization. The manager will be responsible to the board and recruited by the board.

The organization will be largely self-funding by way of memberships and sale of services but will be not-for-profit with all surpluses to be held for the development and enhancement of the lives of people with disabilities. The allocation of surplus funds will be the responsibility of the board.

The organization will assist in the protection of intellectual property for individuals and be licensed to use this intellectual property in the provision of its services.

Where appropriate the intellectual property will also be marketed to able bodied people on a commercial basis to assist in the accumulation of funds.

The organization will provide a forum and facility for groups of interested people to develop new technologies related to improving the independent lives of disabled persons.

The organization will stock and supply key equipment for the automation of homes providing installers a one stop shop for procuring key parts.