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Bentech Assistive Technologies Inc.

BenTech is an organisation set up by a group of enthusiastic and talented professionals to take new and emerging technologies and apply them to the needs of people with physical and mental disabilities. These disabilities may be a result of illness, accident or the aging process.

The organisation is a not for profit one which is intended to be funded by government grants, private gifts and payment for services where appropriate. Any profits made by the organisation will be returned to the organisation's research and development so that those most in need are able to utilise the most up to date technologies available.

The organisation has evolved from the initial work of the late Ben Brown who was severely physically disabled and planned and built a house which was fully automated, allowing him to live alone and fairly independently. In the area of the house where he lived almost all the functions were controlled by voice commands. His need for carers was reduced significantly which meant thatHawk Tower at Tor House. his living costs were reduced, he had more control over his life and his dependence on others was decreased substantially. Subsequent to his death, his family and friends decided that his legacy live on with his efforts being continued and further developed, employing new technologies for others with disabilities and all those who have a need.

The project looks to the modern home as more than protection from wind, rain and outside threats and sees it as an all-embracing means of meeting our complex set of needs for communication, mobility, care and efficiency. This need is even more important for those who are with limited abilities so it is fitting that we should initially aim our developments at this group.

As a result of the above BenTech has made its maiden project the Ben's House Project.

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